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This is a kpop server, but its not only kpop going on in here. We have so much more and here is a list of what we do have: 🌻 Different channels where you can post about different topics. 🌻 Bot commands, where you can do many fun bot games and such. 🌻 Very nice members, we do keep the toxic people out so much as we can. 🌻 Events like watching movies and stuff together. 🌻 Voice channel & Music channel. 🌻 Update on BTS twitter, YouTube and such. 🌻 Awesome emojis. But most important is that you can meet very nice friends, we are all anime nerds, kpop nerds, gamer nerds and all that you might like to. Feel free to come and visit. We will do everything to make you feel welcomed! 💕