FAQ - Frequently asked Questions


- How to add my server to the list?

  • Log in then press the button “Add server”
  • Fill in info about your server and don’t forget to add our bot on your server.

Attention: bot updates your server details. Please, don’t remove it or your server will disappear from the public list.

- I accidentally kicked the bot from my server, how do I get it back?

  • Profile → My Servers → Server Settings and click "Add Bot" button.

Bump Point

- What are Bump Point?

  • Bump Points helps us to count position of your server in the list. The more points your server has, the higher it is in the list.

- Where can I earn Bump Points?

  • Press Bump button (profile → my servers) or use a command for bot - !Bump
  • You can earn 1 Bump point every 4 hours. Make sure you press it as often as you can.

- Why all Bump Points disappeared?

  • Bump Points are reset every 1st and 15th day of the month. This helps new servers to make it to the top of the public list.


- What is the use of Likes?

  • Like button allows you to evaluate server, 1000 Likes = 1 infinite Bump point. Infinite Bump point won’t reset.
  • Additional Information: All servers with the same number of Bump points are sorted relative to the number of Likes.

- I can’t Like server. Why?

  • You need to log in.

- How many times can I click on the "Like" button for the same server?

  • Just once.