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Описание Сервера

**Practis** is an online community dedicated to **homework, studying, and overall learning.** We offer diverse and concise **support, channels, and staff** which makes our server different than the rest. Such channels include:

**Mathematics**; Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, etc.

**English**; Language, Literature, Analysis, Writing, etc.

**History**; U.S., World, Era-Specific, Geography, etc.

**Science**; Physical, Life, Social, etc.

**Electives**; Music, Arts, CompSci, and more!

As well as the long array of channels, we also offer **special perks** that come with our server such as...



**Help on Essays..**

**And much, much more!**

Please consider joining and spreading our community. We would love to see a **community that prospers and that helps one another**. We hope to see you here, and gladly welcome anyone from **any background!**